Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Judge's Final Word on the Last Freedom Watch!

"Judge Napolitano's Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch. FOX news did not "fire" the Judge... they just cancelled his show. According to Fox News press release, the Judge will be appearing again on Fox but Freedom Watch is done for.rather ironic a show about freedom got shut down. Although its sad to watch this end, one had to wonder how long it was going to last or how it even got on Fox News in the first place. Liberals have CurrenTV, perhaps its time to consider a new alternative..."

- Gerald Celente

Friday, 10 February 2012

High Net Worth Investors to Push Gold Over $4000

"The high net worth and retail investor is really starting to accept that gold is here to stay. They are beginning to understand it should be part of your portfolio. So I’m really constructive over the course of this year.

I would not be surprised if 2012 is the year we really start to get that retail momentum into the (gold) market. So it’s not inconceivable the numbers I have posted in latter years, that we start getting back to what I consider fair value relative to the monetary base, which is, of course, over $4,000.”

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wake Up America - Jon McNaughton

- By the artist Jon McNaughton:


If you don’t own gold and silver I think you are making a terrible mistake in this environment

"Outside of China, if you break down the three major economies in the world, Japan, Europe and the United States, everyone of them has a debt situation there is no answer to other than to create more paper (money).

That is the most positive environment possible for gold and silver. They are going to continue to debase all of the currencies in all of the Western economies to nothing. If you don’t own gold and silver I think you are making a terrible mistake in this environment.”

- John Embry via a recent King World News Interview, read the full article here:

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Keiser Report: It's All Legal, Folks!

"In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the supercommittee that runs America, the perils of Draghi's "blitz" and the IMF turnaround on austerity for Greece. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Gonzalo Lira about austerity, printing and running."

Saturday, 4 February 2012

James Dines: Owning 'Wealth In The Ground' Is Your Best Bet to

"James Dines has been in the business of making bold calls for over 50 years. In this deep-diving interview, he minces no words about the dire risks the US economy - and the world at large - faces at this juncture.

Simply put, he sees the excessive credit in the financial system as having placed the global economy on a collision-course with hyperinflation.

Unlike past periods of turmoil, there are no truly 'safe' places for investment capital to hide. Geographic markets and almost all asset classes are positively correlated these days. They share many of the same risks and if a systemic crash occurs, they will crash together.

At this point, says Mr Dines, you want to invest in assets that can not be printed away by government desperation. You want to hold hard assets; "wealth in the ground" as Dines says (physical commodities, mining companies, etc). They're your best best to make money faster at a rate faster than inflation is going to happen."

Friday, 3 February 2012

Kyle Bass: "Don't Sell Your Gold"

The mainstream media seem willing to sound the all-clear and bring us back from Defcon-3 on the back of what can generously be described by realists willing to look at the actual data as a 'murky' NFP print. The market's reaction seems modestly QE-off (with rates up decently) but the only modest drop in Gold appears to fit with a lack of conviction in the data (especially given the EUR sell-off on Papademos chatter). It seems, as Bloomberg reports, Kyle Bass is right to take the longer-view when he notes today "I'm against selling any of the gold" in UTIMCO's portfolio, pointing out the mounting risks from government deficits in US and Europe, "as every day goes by, I see deflation in the things you own and inflation in the things you need." Summing up the reality of our global situation, one of Bass's colleagues adds "This is a grand experiment and they typically never end well."

- ZeroHedge, Read the full article here:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alf Fields - Gold $4500, Silver $158.34 in this Next Wave Higher

“We can now attempt to make some price forecasts. Silver, as with gold, is starting intermediate wave 3 of Major THREE, which should be the longest and strongest wave in the bull market. It should certainly be longer than intermediate wave 1 which was the gain from $8.77 to $49.52, or +464%, as shown above.

Thus the gain in wave 3 of Major THREE should be larger than +464%. It should be a gain of at least 500%. Starting from the $26.39 low, a gain of 500% would produce a target price of $158.34 for silver. That is the number which equates with the $4500 price forecast for gold and produces a silver to gold ratio of 28.4 ($4500 divided by 158.34).
The gain in gold was forecast to be 200% for this move while the forecast rise in the silver price is 500%. Silver is again predicted to perform better than gold based on these EW calculations.”

- Alf Fields, source King World News: