Thursday, 29 June 2017

MSM Propaganda Allows DC Looting to Continue

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock gives his thoughts on the chaos going on in Washington, D.C. Pollock says it’s like the fake fighting of a TV wrestling match. Pollock explains, “It’s a great amount of propaganda. It provides a great smokescreen, and it basically allows the looting to go on another day…"

Monday, 19 June 2017

Physical Silver and Gold Bullion Demand Exceeding Storage Capacity at Major Vaults

Silver demand not paper but physical silver demand and Gold Demand is finding a lack of storage space. Since the financial crisis demand for precious metals has surged so much that major vaulting companies are finding it hard to take on more clients without expanding storage. The true nature of gold and silver demand is beginning to show through and it is much to large to contain.

Will The Falling Dollar Set Off Hyperinflation?

John Williams explains why he believes the dramatic decline of the U.S. Dollar will be the primary cause for hyperinflation and gives he view on owing gold.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dr. Ron Paul on Gold and Inflation

Dr. Ron Paul say's this is the biggest bubble economy in the history of the world. He goes on to say that over the last several decades, The Fed has created many trillions of dollars out-of-thin-air, but consumer prices have not spiraled out of control. Do the same economic laws that have destroyed countless currencies throughout history apply to the Fed? Have they avoided their day of reckoning? Have they outsmarted supply and demand? Are they really Masters of the Universe?

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Opening Of A Second Front Against the Gold Cartel

Will the Run Up of Cryptocurrencies Serve To Be The Undoing of the Gold & Silver Cartel?

Expert Analyst Rob Kirby Joins Us For A MUST LISTEN Show:

  • The Cartel Had to Get Their Gold Butt Kicking in Early! 
  • $4 Billion Shellacking An Attempt to SMASH Sentiment! 
  • Why is Silver Open Interest At Historic Highs At LOW Prices? 
  • Kirby Reveals Why Silver is Bankster KRYPTONITE 
  • Katie Bar the Doors: Once the Cartel is Overwhelmed With PHYSICAL Demand That Can’t Be Met – the Supressors of Price Will Become BUYERS 
  • You Will See Gold & Silver Trading the Way the Cryptos Have the Past 3 Months 

- Source, The Silver Doctors

Friday, 9 June 2017

Eric Sprott On Gold Breaking 5 Year Downtrend

Lots of Things Going Our Way!

Legendary Billionaire Gold & Silver Investor Eric Sprott Isn’t Too Worried About This Latest Act of Desperation By the Cartel.

- Source, Sprott Money

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Piers Morgan Grills Sadiq Khan Over Jihadists in London

London Mayor and actual defender of terrorists, Sadiq Kahn, went on Good Morning Britain Tuesday with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid to discuss Jihadi terrorists pouring into the UK. Kahn tried to weasel out of the notion that Britain - the most surveilled country in the world - can't keep track of 400 Jihadis...

Susanna Reid: How are you letting people back in to the UK who haven't just been trained - they've actually fought, potentially against our troops... Where are they? You're the mayor of this capitol city!

Kahn: With respect.. I can't follow 400 people, what I can do is make sure---

Morgan: Why can't you instruct the police, and say every one of those people that have come back from a war zone is in London, I want them followed?

Kahn: Cause the police budget, roughly speaking, 15-20% is funded by me, the mayor. The rest is from Central Government. The Met police government has been shrunk and reduced. They've got to prioritize...

Morgan: "What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with intent to harm British citizens? Why is it not the number one priority? Why are these people allowed to come back in?

- Source iBankCoin via Zero Hedge

Monday, 5 June 2017

Dave Kranzler: Is Bitcoin Standing In For Gold?

In a series of articles posted on, we have proven to our satisfaction that the prices of gold and silver are manipulated by the bullion banks acting as agents for the Federal Reserve.

The bullion prices are manipulated down in order to protect the value of the US dollar from the extraordinary increase in supply resulting from the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing (QE) and low interest rate policies.

The Federal Reserve is able to protect the dollar’s exchange value vis-a-vis the other reserve currencies—yen, euro, and UK pound—by having those central banks also create money in profusion with QE policies of their own.

The impact of fiat money creation on bullion, however, must be controlled by price suppression. It is possible to suppress the prices of gold and silver, because bullion prices are established not in physical markets but in futures markets in which short-selling does not have to be covered and in which contracts are settled in cash, not in bullion.

Since gold and silver shorts can be naked, future contracts in gold and silver can be printed in profusion, just as the Federal Reserve prints fiat currency in profusion, and dumped into the futures market. In other words, as the bullion futures market is a paper market, it is possible to create enormous quantities of paper gold that can suddenly be dumped in order to drive down prices. Every time gold starts to move up, enormous quantities of future contracts are suddenly dumped, and the gold price is driven down. The same for silver.

Rigging the bullion price prevents gold and silver from transmitting to the currency market the devaluation of the dollar that the Federal Reserve’s money creation is causing. It is the ability to rig the bullion price that protects the dollar’s value from being destroyed by the Federal Reserve’s printing press.

Recently, the price of a Bitcoin has skyrocketed, rising in a few weeks from $1,000 to $2,200. Two explanations suggest themselves. One is that the Federal Reserve has decided to rid itself of a competing currency and is driving up the price with purchases while accumulating a large position, which then will be suddenly dumped in order to crash the market and scare away potential users from Bitcoins. Remember, the Fed can create all the money it wishes and, thereby, doesn’t have to worry about losses.

Another explanation is that people concerned about the fiat currencies but frustrated in their attempts to take refuge in bullion have recognized that the supply of Bitcoin is fixed and Bitcoin futures must be covered. It is strictly impossible for any central bank to increase the supply of Bitcoins. Thus Bitcoin is standing in for the suppressed function of gold and silver.

The problem with cryptocurrencies is that whereas Bitcoin cannot increase in supply, other cryptocurrencies can be created. In order to be trusted, each cryptocurrency would have to have a limited supply. However, an endless number of cryptocurrencies could be created that would greatly increase the supply of cryptocurrencies. If entrepreneurs don’t bring about this result, the Federal Reserve itself could organize it.

Therefore, cryptocurrency might be only a temporary refuge from fiat money creation. This would leave gold and silver, whose supply can only gradually be increased via mining, as the only refuge from wealth-destroying fiat money creation.

For as long as the Federal Reserve can protect the dollar by bullion price suppression and money creation by other reserve currency central banks, and as long as the Federal Reserve can keep the influx of new dollars out of the general economy, the Federal Reserve’s policy adds to the wealth of those who are already rich. This is because instead of driving up consumer prices, thus threatening the US dollar’s exchange value with a rising rate of inflation, the Fed’s largess has flowed into the prices of financial assets, such as stocks and bonds. Bond prices are high, because the Fed forced up the price by purchasing bonds. Stock prices are high, because the abundance of money bid prices higher than profits justify. As the US government measures inflation in ways designed to understate it, the consumer price index and producer price index do not send alarm systems into the markets.

Thus, we have a situation in which the Fed’s policy has done nothing for the American population, but has driven up the values of the financial portfolios of the rich. This is the explanation why the rich are becoming more rich while the rest of America becomes poorer.

The Fed has rigged the system for the rich, and the whores in the financial media and among the neoliberal economists have covered it up.

- Source, Sprott Money

Friday, 2 June 2017

Puerto Rican Exodus Is Speeding the Island’s Economic Collapse

The choice is heartbreaking: stay to help other families, or leave to help your own.

That’s the calculation thousands in Puerto Rico are making. The bankruptcy of the U.S. commonwealth, the culmination of years of decline, has accelerated an exodus that’s adding to the island’s economic misery.

“I had to choose for my family,’’ said Aledie Amariah Navas Nazario, 39, a pediatric pulmonologist who left behind young asthma patients when she, her husband and two small daughters moved to Orlando, Florida.

The population drop is astonishing. The island has lost 2 percent of its people in each of the past three years. A comparable departure from the 50 states would mean 18 million people moving out since 2013. About 400,000 fewer Puerto Ricans live on an island of 3.4 million today compared with a decade ago, when its economy began contracting.

The departures have trapped Puerto Rico in a downward spiral. A grinding recession, with joblessness at 11.5 percent, and $74 billion mountain of debt that pushed the island to insolvency has made collecting taxes key to an economic rebound. At the same time, more Puerto Ricans from all walks of life are moving away to better their lives, meaning government revenue is dwindling.
‘I’m Sad’

Reasons for leaving were compelling enough for Navas Nazario, who treated asthma on an island where it’s more prevalent than anywhere else in the U.S. Puerto Rico’s economy had taken yet another leg down, and she was worried about her future income because of uncertainty about health insurance.

“I’m sad about not being able to take care of those kids anymore,’’ said Navas Nazario, who keeps in touch with former patients on Facebook. “You have to make a hard decision to leave relationships with friends and family just to get out, just because you need a better life.’’

Puerto Rico’s bond debt has grown 87 percent since 2006. A simple way for individual islanders to avoid having to pay it is to move to the mainland.

The government doesn’t seem to have come to grips with the outflow. Puerto Rico’s turnaround plan -- a path to sustainability approved by a U.S. oversight board -- assumes the population will shrink just 0.2 percent each year for the next decade. It uses that number as the basis for its projections of tax receipts and economic growth.

“Most people believe that those forecasts in the fiscal plan are really, really optimistic and probably would have to be revised at some point,’’ said Sergio Marxuach, public policy director at the Center for the New Economy in San Juan.

Taxi Drivers

The exodus isn’t confined to professionals. Among the throngs leaving are construction workers and taxi drivers. Research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that college graduates make up roughly the same proportion of emigres as they do in the island’s general population, suggesting that the departures have touched every corner of the commonwealth.

“If people continue to leave the island at the pace that has been set in recent years, the economic potential of Puerto Rico will only continue to deteriorate,’’ authors including Jaison Abel and Giacomo De Giorgi wrote for the New York Fed.

The earnings disparity between Puerto Rico and the mainland can be wide. Just ask John Starkey, principal of the Lafayette International Community High School in upstate Buffalo, New York, a destination since at least the 1960s for Puerto Ricans, also called Boricuas.

The Puerto Rican government has closed schools to save money, so Starkey traveled to the island in April to recruit teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees. On the mainland, educators find they can double or triple their earnings, he said, even if it means trading a balmy Caribbean island for the frigid shores of Lake Erie.

“Many of the candidates wanted to stay on the island to help their community,’’ Starkey said. “Our pitch was: come up to Buffalo and you’ll be able to better provide for your family, but you’ll also be able to help your community here.’’

Better Prospects

Puerto Rico has been a U.S. possession since American troops invaded in the Spanish-American War, and Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917. That means there’s little to prevent them from seeking better prospects on the mainland, something they’ve always done, just not to this extent.

While migration is the main driver in population fluctuation, a declining fertility rate isn’t helping either. The natural population increase -- excess births over deaths -- fell to 3,000 last year from 20,000 a decade ago, as families facing poorer economic prospects and the threat of the Zika virus put off having kids. At the same time, younger generations of child-bearing age are more likely to take off for the mainland...

- Source, Bloomberg, read the full article here