Thursday, 27 February 2014

Silver Heading to $26, Will Clear $30 in 2014

In his latest interview, silver expert David Morgan discusses silver’s nearly 25% rally to start 2014, gold re-establishing the bull market, and how the massive US debt bomb finally detonating will impact the precious metals market.

Morgan sees silver running to $26, and after 2-3 tries, major resistance at $26 will turn into support as the next major bull move begins.

- Source, Silver Doctors:

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Chinese People Are Buying Gold Like Groceries

Below a video from Chinese state TV network CCTV on the gold buying spree around the Lunar Year. Although I didn’t manage to produce subtitles (working on it!), I think the images speak for themselves.

Anyone who thought this gold rush would come down anytime soon is wrong. It seems the Chinese are in a state to buy all the physical gold that can be supplied. The beauty of internet is that I have a lot of sources in the mainland, and Chinese that live in other parts of the world, that sent me regular updates on what’s happening in Chinese jewelry stores, in the paper gold market, on the SGE and in the Chinese media if they happen to stumble on something newsworthy.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gerald Celente - Gold Demand and Dying Banksters

Gerald talks about gold demand, bankers unexpectedly dying, emerging markets are melting down, hyperinflation is taking root, Fukushima is out of control.

Monday, 17 February 2014

How Scotland Could Become the Richest Nation on Earth

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the 'debate' on Scottish Independence looking a lot like a farce as, for example, Scotland and England 'fight' for the right to keep the Royal Bank of Scotland. They also ask Alex Salmond, why be yet another nation on the chain gang, when you can be the first on the block chain? Be the first new nation to launch itself on the blockchain and ditch the old fraud and crony based model. In the second half, Max interviews columnist, author and goldbug, Dominic Frisby, about how Scotland could become the richest nation on Earth, rather than the most mangled bureaucracy in Europe.

- Source, Russia Today:

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gold and Silver - Russia and China Call the Money Changers Bluff

The modus operandi of the elites, grandfathered by the House of Rothschild, fathered by Mayer Amschel Bauer, who adopted the better sounding name “Rothschild,” is deception. No one has practiced the art of deception more than the group that sprung from the cunning mind of this man who understood the power of interest and translated into practice to gain control of the European governments, and ultimately, the entire Western world.
Fast forward to today with total control of money, via central banks, that dictates to Western world governments. The elites have unlimited numbers of important heads of governments, unlimited numbers of agents to do their bidding and create problems on demand. 

The governments are controlled, the media is controlled, the legal systems are controlled, agriculture is controlled, [think Monsanto], the pharmaceutical industry is controlled, drugs are controlled, etc, etc, etc. All because of Rothschild’s discovery that when one controls the money, one controls everything.

What the arrogant elites did not expect was the rise of China and Russia, as opposing forces not in control via the Western central bankers and their endless issuance of worthless fiat. China and Russia have called the financial bluff of the moneychangers and demanded payment in gold for all the toxic U S Treasury bonds.

- Source, The Silver Doctors:

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The S&P Welcomes Janet Yellen With Best Run In Over 2 Years (But Gold Leads)

For only the 5th time in the last 25 years, the S&P closed up over 1% on Humphrey-Hawkins testimony day. Today's screamfest seems all about a growing "common knowledge" that the economy is weaker than everyone hoped and Yellen will untaper as soon as possible (despite her saying the absolute opposite of that). Stocks surged (S&P's best 4-day run in over 2 years); Credit spreads collapsed. Gold soared to 3-month highs (+5% from Taper). The USD roller-coastered notably on JPY & EUR weakness. While bonds sold off (not un-tapery) the move was very modest (and bond yields have dislocated notably from stocks). Of course, USDJPY was in charge keeping the S&P over 1,800; and Nasdaq in the green year-to-date - Mission Accomplished (but Dow lost 16k into the close). A massive squeeze of shorts in the last few days has doubled the market's impressive performance. VIX tested down to almost 14%. Why not BTFATH,Yellen said there was no bubble so we are good to go?

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Bitcoin Flash Crash Imminent? Second Major Exchange Follows MtGox In Suspending Withdrawals

Bitcoin plunged another 15% or so from its bounce highs this morning as volatility has picked up dramatically in the virtual currency. The reasons are numerous: JPMorgan has come out with a scathing attack - "bitcoin looks like an innovation worth limiting exposure to;" CoinDesk reports that major exchanges are under a "massive and concerted attack" by a bot system - creating a "fog of confusion" over the system; and perhaps most critically, BitStamp has followed Mt.Gox and halted withdrawals "due to inconsistent results from their bitcoin wallet" - due to the DDoS attacks...

- Source, Zero Hedge, read more here:

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Precious Metals Prices Will be Set Free

With regard to precious metals, artificial pricing has gone on for so long that consideration of the fundamentals seems to be an exercise in the abstract. At some point, prices will move freely - though not necessarily orderly. How will one know?

You will see it in the character of the trading. In fact, we caught a glimpse of what a parabolic might look like in 2011. Then, the power of a short covering rally pushed prices to a nominal resistance level not seen in some 30 years.

And the fact that it was a nominal high is one key to framing the mis-pricing. Even the average price of the late 1970's into the early 80's would be unrecognizable if expressed in real inflation adjusted terms.

The initial power of a price return untethered by the bullion banks would be like nothing you we have ever seen. However, it will still be accompanied by a wall of worry and anxiety - though of a different caliber. Just as we saw in the run up to the colossal price smash in early May of 2011; the character of anxiety changed significantly as speculators poured in late.

Not to mention the havoc it will cause to the trading platforms. Circuit breakers would be triggered as the market goes limit up each time it opened.

And the chaos and uncertainty surrounding a closed market would place another layer of bid under the prices.

The worry will shift from concern over when price will rise come back down to concern over the time to take profits. Fear over confiscation could feed on itself.

Not to mention the barrage of bubble callers that will rise up like a phoenix.

-  Source, Gold Silver:

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ron Paul - Gold The Honest Money

"The Government is The Counterfeiter, Creating Billion's of Dollars a Month out of The Clear Blue", "Im Confidant The Dollar Will Not Remain the Reserve Currency of the World", "When The Fed took over the Dollar, Gold was $20.00 an ounce, Now it's $1200 an ounce. That's the Long Term Devaluation Destruction of the Currency"