Saturday, 30 April 2011

Rick Santelli - Gold Rally is Thumbs Down for Bernanke & Fed

“I always like to let the market speak for themselves, I don’t get into any hot water that way.  Let’s put it this way, the gold and silver market activity, especially since it’s escalated since the Fed meeting on Wednesday, it has to be a thumbs down vote for everything our central bank is doing.  In essence it is moving away from the dollar specifically for reasons of not a good taste in its mouth regarding how this is going to fare for the continued value of the greenback against other stronger currencies.”

Listen to the full interview here:

- Rick Santelli via King World News Interview

S&P downgrades US debt outlook-On the Edge with Max Keiser-04-29-2011

Standard & Poor's (S&P) is a United States-based financial services company that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds. In its latest rating, the Agency looked at the US Government Treasury bond and said that there is a 1 in 3 chance that the US will lose its triple A (AAA: the highest rating available) rating.

Max is joined by Karl Denninger of to ask him about his thoughts on the issue.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Max Keiser in Athens talking to Dr. Kiriakos Tobras & Georgios I. Noulas

Max Keiser talks to Dr. Kiriakos Tobras and Georgios I. Noulas. Dr. Tobras has filed a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and several other banks and derivatives dealers.

Bring the Gold! Gold hits a new all Time High! Again, and Again

 *UPDATE: We have blown clear through $1550, and have hit $1563.20! a $32 dollar move in one day!

Gold continues its ascent higher, touching $1549.90, knocking on the $1550 door. It is Golds turn to shine.

GoldCore Questions On Comex Silver Default Due To Secret Buying By Russian Billionaire, Chinese Traders and People's Bank Of China n

Let us reiterate a COMEX default on delivery of precious metals and specifically of silver bullion bars is far from “noise”. It is of significant importance and that is why we have covered its possibility for some months. A COMEX default would have massive ramifications for precious metals markets, for the wider commodity markets, for the dollar, for fiat currencies and for our modern financial system. Silver surged 3.4% yesterday to settle at a 31 year nominal high and rose by $1.55 on the day. Silver is up some 28% in April alone. The last time this happened is when Warren Buffett took a large stake in silver in 1987 and there were rumours of Buffett “cornering the market”. Silver remains in backwardation and the possibility of a COMEX default cannot be ruled out – especially as silver bullion inventories are very small vis-à-vis possible capital allocations to silver in the coming weeks and months. The possibility of an attempted cornering of the silver market through buying and taking delivery of physical bullion remains real and would likely lead to a massive short squeeze which could see silver surge to well over its inflation adjusted high of $140/oz. Indeed, a recent article in the Financial Times suggested that private or state interests with very deep pockets are attempting to corner the silver market. Bizarrely, this massive story which mooted the possibility of Russian billionaires, Chinese traders and even the People’s Bank of China and other central banks secretly buying silver, has subsequently been barely reported or commented on. There are now two “conspiracy theories”. One is the long side conspiracy theory which claims, a la the FT, that there are foreign private and state actors attempting to corner the silver market through secret buying.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Second Silver Margin Hike In One Week... Is Now Priced In

As vaguely rumored earlier, and largely anticipated, the CME instituted another margin hike, presumably for a broad swath of commodities but apparently focusing on one particularly: silver, this time 10%. This is on top of the 9% margin hike from Monday. If anyone was wondering the reason for silver's swoon earlier (and subsequent jump) was, now it's clear. By now it is becoming rather clear that all the CME does is provide ever better reasons to BTFD. As always, we continue to hold our breath until there is a comparable maring hike for the ES. We may soon run out of oxygen.

Read the full story here:

Note: As stated last week, the COMEX can raise margins to 100%, it will only make people that much more interested, and aware. Please COMEX, raise rates! Don't you get it yet??

“We are sure the monster is stronger than the creator now. The [SLA's] grass roots movement into Silver has contributed greatly to this. It is a form of proletariat uprising if you will.”

The SLA saw this coming a couple of years ago. And then, on the Alex Jones show on 11/11/10, we made our move and blew this thing wide open with “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver.” The timing was calculated to crush the naked shorts at year end. Your response, buying physical silver, has completely overrun the professional market manipulators who are left with only one strategy, the “Martingale Bet” of continually doubling down (using free money from the Fed). As I predicted here, JP Morgan would do this and this is exactly what they are doing, while failing to disclose the growing cancerous Enron-like debt on their balance sheet – hoping that they never have to – that their criminal activities will pass unnoticed in a silver price drop to bail out their shorts. It’s not going to happen. JPM’s stock – with their 2 trillion dollar balance sheet of crap – is worth exactly zero. $500 silver is yours if you want it. Every oz. taken off the market puts 20 oz’s or more of liability on JP Morgan’s balance sheet. And with the price of silver now trading above JPM’s stock price, that negative leveraging killing their balance sheet grows exponentially. Ben Bernanke will keep printing – whatever he calls it – QE this or that doesn’t matter – the outcome is the same – more printing – more debt – more printing – dollar collapsing. The SLA has the banksters cornered as we knew we would. Whoever gets in the way with equivocating BS about technical crap will get blown away with our collective buying pressure. 

- Stacy Herbert, of Max

Keiser Report: Blind Cult of America (E142)

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on downgrades, gold bars and third worlds. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Chris Martenson about the breakdown drawing near!

James Turk - The Waterfall Decline in the US Dollar Has Begun

Silver got close to its all-time $50 record high when it reached $49.78 on Monday morning in Asia.  It is currently still below that price.  Therefore, silver has not yet confirmed the new high gold made today.  That may mean silver has to build a base here in the high $40s before plowing higher, and let gold lead for awhile.  That would not be surprising given that silver has been leading since last summer, as is clear from the drop in the gold/silver ratio.  We'll see how long it will take silver to hurdle above $50, but regardless, let's step back from the trees and look at the forest.

The dollar is in trouble and the Federal Reserve has its head buried in the sand.  Washington's politicians are spending money they don't have and the federal government's credit rating is being called into question, I could go on, but you get the point.  We're at an historic moment.  Years from now we will look back and point to 2011 as the moment in time when the flight out of the US dollar accelerated leading to its eventual collapse.  A simple and safe way KWN readers can prepare for this catastrophe is to own physical gold and physical silver.”

Read the full interview here:

- James Turk, via a King World News interview

Silver Backwardation Doubles Overnight

Yesterday we correctly predicted that the entire 10% silver correction would be momentarily taken out as the Comex news is properly digested. And so it continues - as silver is once again pennies away from $50 and a fresh new nominal all time high, we take a quick look at the futures curve where as expected the backwardation is confirming the "negative convexity" (yes, yes, we know silver is not a duration security) once the $50 stops are taken out will send silver surging to unseen before levels (which also considering it will be at a new record over $50 is pretty much intuitive). In the meantime, the chart below is the worst nightmare of anyone still holding short silver positions. While the near-far contract backwardation was about $0.75 yesterday, it has since doubled in less than 24 hours. We can't wait to see what surprising nuggets the Comex will bring us today.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How The Comex Lost 20% Of Its "Registered" Silver In One Week, Or Where There's Smoke Of A Run, There's Probably A Run

A week ago we noted something peculiar: in one day, COMEX depository Scotia Mocatta (one of five in the world) saw a 25% transfer of silver from "registered" (or deliverable physical) to "eligible" (or "undefined" - a distinction discussed previously, and also below). We said: "Canada's largest bullion depository (and one of five total) reclassified a whopping 5.2 million ounces of silver from Registered to Eligible status. In order to get a sense of how big this amount is, which amounts to just under $238 million at today's fixing price, it represents just over 25% of the total silver stored at Scotia Mocatta, and about 5% of the total silver held across all depositories."  The reason then given was: "due to a reporting reclassification, 5,287,142 t oz was moved from Registered to Eligible." To our (lack of) surprise, a quick glance at today's silver holdings at the Comex confirms that the trend of reclassification is continuing unabated, and total "physical" silver across the entire Comex universe has now plunged by almost 20%, or from 41 million ounces to 33 million ounces, in the span of one week! And while last week it was Scotia Mocatta, today it is HSBC and the Delaware Depository, and the reason given: "Adjustments include reporting classifications of t oz that were moved from Registered to Eligible.  Please see Special Executive Report reference 5736 for additional information." And a further drill down reveals the following link. Many have speculated that there could well be a run on physical silver. But for those looking for a smoking gun, this is probably as close as you will get to one, short of JPM actually declaring "force majeure."

Read the full story here:

The Gold Angels are Calling!

We surpassed another Gold Angel level today, closing above $1521, onward to $1600!

- Picture compliments of

Silver and Gold Roar Back with Vengeance!

As predicted the other day, Silver and Gold are rockeeting back after their short term profit taking. The profit taking was much needed, as the rate of ascent was too fast, too soon. The short term, new weak hands have been shaken out.

What is quite remarkable is how short lived the consolidation phase lasted. This is testimony to the ferocity of these bull markets.

Remember as I said before, volatility will increase going forward. The moves we see now will look like child's play, both up and down. Buckle in.

Silver - Up $2.20 (5.06% move in one day!)

Gold - Up $20.00

American Reign to End in 2016?

Lines up with my time line of 2015 / 2016.

APMEX Implications

"Many of you have received an email from APMEX yesterday about buying gold and silver over spot price. This is the first time that I ever remember seeing a tactic like this from them. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had nothing but good things to say about APMEX, I have bought from them in the past and they are an affiliate advertiser on the blog. I have to say that I am a little taken a back from this email and is something we all should be paying close attention to..."

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First US, Now Japan: S&P Revises Japan Credit AA- Outlook To Negative

S&P revises Japan's AA- credit rating outlook to negative. The culprit: the Japan earthquake that just as predicted, has become the scapegoat to excuse another quarter of "non-recurring" EPS misses. And while according to Wall Street the economic devastation is GDP positive, Japan may soon be a single A credit, which of course will send it 10 year bond trading with a 0 yield handle. From S&P: "The negative outlook signals that a downgrade is possible if Japan's public finances weaken further over the next two years in the absence of fiscal consolidation to offset them. We believe that uncertainty over the country's fiscal and economic outlook will lessen over the next six to 24 months. If the government's debt trajectory remains on its current course or begins to erode the nation's external position, the long- and short-term ratings could be lowered. If reconstruction costs place less burden on public finances than we expect–either because of lower outlays or increased revenues to cover them–and the government makes progress in strengthening Japan's fiscal profile, we could revise the outlook back to stable."

Read the full story here:

Note: As said in my last post, this is a important story that I will follow closely from here on out.

First the U.S now Japan! S&P Goes Postal! Japan Credit Outlook Revised to Negative

Something bizzare behind the scenes is going on. Recently S&P just changed the United States credit outlook to negative. Of course this is correct, as we know T-Bills are scarcely much better than junk bonds.

Many found this rather odd, as the S&P is a tool of the United States government, and going against their masters would be akin to committing suicide. So obviously there is something bigger to this story.

Hence we get to act two of this bizarre story, just now the S&P has placed Japans credit outlook to negative as well! It seems as if the S&P has gone full postal, and is holding no prisoners.

Of course the credit of both of these countries has been horribly abused for as long as anyone can remember. But still, we must ask ourselves. Why now is the S&P taking these drastic steps? What is the big picture here? What is the goal? We shall find out, and we shall follow this story very, very closely.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

If silver had Closed up that $2.50...there would have been around $1 billion dollars Worth of Margin Calls going out to the Comex Short Holders this Morning!

"But it was silver that JPMorgan et al were after...and did they ever do a number on it.  Both Ted and I agree that the big rise in silver during the first seven hours of trading in the Far East was probably a short covering rally...especially the two dollar jump shortly after midnight New York time.  Then it appeared that the usual not-for-profit seller was there to sell silver down below forty-nine dollars...and from there it stayed pretty steady until precisely 9:30 a.m. Eastern when it, along with gold, were trashed.

Silver got smacked for almost $3.50 before the bottom was in...and although silver recovered nicely from only closed up about 40 cents on the day...instead of the $2.50 it would have closed up if 'da boyz' hadn't pulled their bids.

If silver had closed up that $2.50...there would have been around $1 billion dollars worth of margin calls going out to the Comex short holders this morning.  That was prevented from happening...and that's not the first time the bullion banks have pulled that stunt during the last week of trading."

 Read the full article here:

- Ed Steer, Gold and Silver Daily

Keiser Report: Fleeing Dollar Flood & Fraud (E141)

"This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on the world fleeing the dollar flood and the dollar fraud and about Jamie Dimons worst nightmare. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Matt Taibbi about the real housewives of Wall Street."

A Message from Max Keiser - Keep your Eye on the Prize Silver Liberation Army

Message from Max...
Well isn't running with this bull an adrenaline rush? We have pushed through all resistance so far and surpassed the corrupt, disfunk JPM share price too. I expect this upcoming week to encounter some much heavier resistance but we should be able to overcome the $50 hill currently ahead. Yes, go SLA!
On other news this week, we started off with news coming out of Forbes that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is almost looking to impose a communist position in taking over any part of government that doesn't meet his requirements as Forbes is calling it marshall law. I think any hands of injust government at this point needs a hard readjustment themselves. We also read that Texas school boards are hoarding gold as a means of currency. Does this mean they are going to get prosecuted also for using Gold as an alternative currency?
Here's a funny one, our good pal Joe Weisenthal reported that an analyst from Bank of America says the unthinkable is happening with an intentional default on US debt. Well Joe, I think we have been saying this oh, for months! There is no way they can reverse this without a gold and silver standard of untouchable price readjustments in the PM markets.
Then the biggest news was coming from the S&P in a possible down-grade in the U.S. dollars credit rating. This is just what the people of Greece and Ireland have already been feeling for months. On that note we are continuing our Hot Spot film tour which will put us in Athens, Greece on April 28th. We'll be doing a live presentation at 8pm @ Avalon Bar & Restaurant . Attend if you can make it. So as I leave you here, I leave you with further predictions into the forthcoming future. As ZeroHedge said this past week, expect to see extreme food shortages in the upcoming future, this is obvious. $50 silver is in the bag, time to proceed on the next level of $100. We should be able to reach that target by September at this rate as we conitue to wake up the sheeple. As always, keep your chin up, keep your eyes on the prize and stop by to visit me at, I'll be there all week.
- Max Keiser

Gold And Silver Correction Possible But Store Of Value Demand - Especially From Asia To Support

"Silver and gold are lower today after the record nominal highs seen yesterday (gold marginally and silver significantly). Gold reached $1,518.30 per troy ounce, a nominal record, while silver climbed to $49.79 per ounce, its highest nominal level since the short term parabolic spike in 1980. A period of correction and consolidation has been expected for some time and it may ensue as gold and particularly silver are overbought in the short term. However, absolutely nothing has changed with regard the primary fundamentals driving the gold and silver markets."

Read the full story here:

Note: This would be a healthy thing, as we always want our bull markets to be as orderly as possibly, as this is how the real money is made. Bull markets last much longer in a orderly, slow ascent. Eventually we will have the parabolic blow off top although, as all bull markets eventually end this way. We aren't there yet.

Silver Rides the Waves of Volatility - We Aint Seen Nuttin Yet!

In a couple of months time we are going to look back at the violent swings we seen in Silver today and laugh. A two dollar move is going to be laughable. Get ready to ride the waves of volatility.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Reverse Inquiry Ampex will Buy Your Silver Eagles Any Quanity $3 over Spot

I just received a email within the last hour. It was from Ampex (one of the largest bullion dealers in the United States). It goes as follows:

APMEX Wants To Buy Your U.S. Mint Products                                   

Dear XYZ,

Due to the recent incredible demand for Gold and Silver bullion products, APMEX would like to offer you an exclusive opportunity to LOCK IN YOUR PRICES and sell us some of your U.S. Mint collection. This is a limited time offer and it is first come, first served until we have secured enough U.S. Mint bullion products to meet our current demand!

We Want These Products:
We will pay you $38.00 over the current spot price of Gold for your Gold American Eagles. ANY year, ANY quantity! Gold American Eagle
We will pay you $3.00 over the current spot price of Silver for your Silver American Eagles. ANY year, ANY quantity! Silver American Eagle
We will pay you $1,250.00 for your 2010 America The Beautiful 5 oz. Silver coin sets. America The Beautiful Set

And there is no supply issue right? This just goes to show you how much of a complete farce the COMEX spot prices have become. They reflect no where close to the true demand price.

Go to ebay and do a search for "ending soonest" 1 Oz Silver rounds, you will get a pretty quick picture of what the true price is.

This is just one more example of why the COMEX has outlived its usefulness, and will soon be BUST!

London Source - Asian Buyers Will Take Silver Over $100

“The Chinese want out of dollars and they will continue aggressively purchasing both gold and silver in order to diversify.  They don’t care whether silver is $50, $60 or $100, they will just continue accumulating.  The Chinese may be patient buyers, accumulating on weakness, but you can bet that their relentless purchases of physical silver will eventually push the price well over $100 an ounce.”

Read the full story here:$100.html

- King World News, London Source

Jamie Dimon's Worst Nightmare?


What is this Nazi Germany? - Military Patrols start Friday Night in Downtown Columbus

The soldiers will be wearing arm bands that read, "Courtesy Patrol."

Read the full story here:

QE to Infinity - Gold and Silver to the Moon?

The choice is simple: QE or default, because there is no solid balance sheet economic recovery in the Western world.

The dollar will go down in flames before the US defaults on anything.

- Jim Sinclair, April 25th 2011

CME Hikes Silver Initial And Maintenance Margins By 9%

The world's most telegraphed call comes and goes, however since it has been priced in about 7 times already, has absolutely no impact on the price of silver. And yes, we were off by about 8 hours. Also, for those who observed this is the third margin hike in as  many months (previously here and here) with neither doing anything at all to halt the price surge, you are absolutely correct.

Read the full story here, at ZeroHedge:

P.S:  We said last week that this was going to occur again soon, it was only a matter of time. And sure enough we got it. Third time is a charm right?!

Four Scary Words: "Silver Delivery Not Possible"

The SHTFPlan's Mac Slavo brings us the story of one Bill Cramer who decided to cash in on his silver profits after a nearly decade holding period (under the assumption he was receiving warehousing services considering he was paying storage fees), confident that he could simply receive the metal he held with a broker, until he heard the following 5 very disturbing words: "Sorry, delivery is not possible."

Read the full story at ZeroHedge, here:

Silver Hammered in the Open, Quickly Recovers

As mentioned yesterday, Silver was on a monstrous move, going above $49 an ounce in Asian trading markets. Someone (I think we know who) didn't like that too much, and promptly hammered it down from its high start this morning.

Well guess what, its already climbing back and regaining almost all of its losses. When your in a Super Major Bull Market like Silver is in, it takes more than a couple of shorts to keep you down. Overseas buyers are just laughing at these feeble attempts.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Silver $49.45!!! In Asian Markets!

I guess the announcement of China decreasing their US debt holdings by 2/3rds isn't taking long to affect the markets. Silver just went parabolic and is now trading at $49.45, up a drastic amount, in no time at all. This is what happens when the reserve currency of the world is about to be debauched to the ninth degree.

Eric Sprott - Follow the Money - Gold and Silver

"Like gold, silver also has a long monetary history, and, as such, investors are now also buying silver as protection from the ravages of fiat currency debasement. Yet when compared to gold, it is silver that offers the most attractive value proposition by virtue of the gross mispricing of its scarcity, which, we might add, has existed for many years.

Thus, in our opinion, as this new bimetallic standard takes root, silver investors will continue to be justly rewarded with marked outperformance. We truly believe that this is the investment opportunity of a lifetime, and, increasingly so, others are taking heed. What is clear to us is that with equal investment dollars now flowing into silver and gold, the current 35-to-1 ratio is unsustainable and has only one direction to go: lower."

Find the full report by Silver Vigilantes Eric Sprott and Andrew Morris here:


Bob Chapman of the international forecaster, in a recent interview says how the Comex is nearing default. Not only does he make this prediction (which I believe is inevitable). He lays out how he believes they will do so;

1. Tell their clients we don't have the silver and pay 25 cents on the dollar.
2. Default outright and pay nobody.
3. Have the Federal reserve step in and and cover all of their loses.

Option number 3 is obviously the most likely, as letting the Comex default would be catastrophic. He believes this may occur when silver hits 55 - 60 Dollars an ounce, we shall see.

China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings

"All those who were hoping global stock markets would surge tomorrow based on a ridiculous rumor that China would revalue the CNY by 10% will have to wait. Instead, China has decided to serve the world another surprise. Following last week's announcement by PBoC Governor Zhou (Where's Waldo) Xiaochuan that the country's excessive stockpile of USD reserves has to be urgently diversified, today we get a sense of just how big the upcoming Chinese defection from the "buy US debt" Nash equilibrium will be. Not surprisingly, China appears to be getting ready to cut its USD reserves by roughly the amount of dollars that was recently printed by the Fed, or $2 trilion or so. And to think that this comes just as news that the Japanese pension fund will soon be dumping who knows what. So, once again, how about that "end of QE" again?"

Read the full story at Zero Hedge:

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cameraman wanted for “Hot Spots: Athens”

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are looking for a Cameraman's skills. They need someone that will be available in Athens, on the following dates:

April 27th, 28th, 29th

This opportunity will be to assist in the shooting of "Hot Spots: Athens", a short documentary about how the economic crisis is affecting the area. If you or someone you know has skills and equipment in this area, please head over to the following link, and let it be known in the comments section;

P.S: in case you missed Hot Spots Ireland, which was a great piece, check it out here:

[OTE106] On the Edge with Brad Cooke

"Brad Cooke, CEO of Endeavour Silver, is Max's guest in this edition of Press TV's On the Edge with Max Keiser where they have an excellent discussion about precious metals. Enjoy the show."

Will May be the Month, That the Comex Defaults?

As you can see the inventory at the Comex has been drastically declining for some time now. It is said that JP Morgan is desperately going into the open market to buy up all available physical silver to cover its deliveries.

Last month deliveries were fulfilled with only days to spare (typically they are fulfilled within the first half of the month). The time, it seems is drawing closer and closer to when the Comex will not be able to fulfill its contracts. What happens then? I think we all know.

- Chart via Jesse's Cafe

In Saudi Brokered Deal, Yemen President Is Next To Offer To Step Down In Exchange For Immunity

"The WSJ reports that another very likely casualty of the not so velvet revolution in MENA, and of increasingly heated (and more desperate) backdoor deals with Saudi Arabia the UAE, is Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh who has accepted "a political deal brokered by neighboring Arab countries that would have him step down from power after 30 days in exchange for immunity for himself and his close relatives, according to a presidential aide." Let's not forget that Gadaffi also offered to step down (or was rumored in one of the frail attempts to take down oil before the big guns, read Goldman, had to step in with their "research") - a gambit which led to just more massacres of innocent civilians. And since Al Qaeda is likely the biggest loser in such a deal, we don't expect this plan to be pulled off without a lot off fireworks."

Read the full story at Zero Hedge here:

P.S: Seems like Lindsey Williams was correct again.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Live Together as Brothers or Perish Together as Fools

The Answer to why the S&P put the United States on Credit Watch this Week

I've been scratching my head all week, wondering why the S&P would stick its neck out and put the United States on Credit watch (since we all know the S&P is in the back pocket of the government). Bob Chapman of the economic forecaster seems to have an answer.

It is all being done deliberately, so there will be an excuse to slash social security and medic care. Which everyone knows must be slashed. But is political suicide, without a valid excuse.

There's no Fever like Gold Fever!

I can feel them caressing my face -- the early breezes. They are blowing gently and hinting of the forthcoming gold hurricane that will sweep across the US and the planet with all the force and power that was seen when gold was first discovered at Sutter's Creek during the California gold rush of 1849. The gold rush of the 2000s is in the wings. The old phrase is ringing in my ears again (I haven't heard it since the late '70s), "There's no fever like gold fever."

Read the full interview here:

- Richard Russell via a King World News interview.