Wednesday, 27 April 2011

First the U.S now Japan! S&P Goes Postal! Japan Credit Outlook Revised to Negative

Something bizzare behind the scenes is going on. Recently S&P just changed the United States credit outlook to negative. Of course this is correct, as we know T-Bills are scarcely much better than junk bonds.

Many found this rather odd, as the S&P is a tool of the United States government, and going against their masters would be akin to committing suicide. So obviously there is something bigger to this story.

Hence we get to act two of this bizarre story, just now the S&P has placed Japans credit outlook to negative as well! It seems as if the S&P has gone full postal, and is holding no prisoners.

Of course the credit of both of these countries has been horribly abused for as long as anyone can remember. But still, we must ask ourselves. Why now is the S&P taking these drastic steps? What is the big picture here? What is the goal? We shall find out, and we shall follow this story very, very closely.