Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gold and Silver Tipping Points - Now lets make it go Viral!

Just within the last 24 Hours, we have learned of a massive story. That being, that the University of Texas is taking delivery of 1 Billion Dollars of Physical Gold. This is going to create a mass rush to the door, to buy physical Gold and Silver.

For those of you that don't know, the Comex has been playing a explosive game of musical chairs for quite some time now, all the while juggling a stick of dynamite. With both Gold and Silver. As they sell many more paper contracts then there is of actual physical Gold and Silver. This game, I believe is now coming to a end.

I have always said that these large financial institutions, that buy the Comex contracts have always known the game, but just simply chose to turn a blind eye to it. To keep the financial wheels turning, and as to not upset the order of things. Well this is now changing.

The University of Texas has broken the record player and the music has stopped. Now it will be a mad rush to find a chair (which there are roughly only 1 for every 100 Comex contracts, admitted by the Comex themselves). These financial institutions are basically like lemmings, and no one will want to be left holding the bag, or miss out on the gravy train. Causing a mad rush to take possession of physical Gold and Silver.

Good work to all Vigilantes that have stuck through the tough times. Now lets get this story out there, to as many people as we can, share it on Facebook, re-tweet it. Do whatever you can! Things are about to go vertical. Hold on to your seats.