Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Message from Max Keiser - Keep your Eye on the Prize Silver Liberation Army

Message from Max...
Well isn't running with this bull an adrenaline rush? We have pushed through all resistance so far and surpassed the corrupt, disfunk JPM share price too. I expect this upcoming week to encounter some much heavier resistance but we should be able to overcome the $50 hill currently ahead. Yes, go SLA!
On other news this week, we started off with news coming out of Forbes that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is almost looking to impose a communist position in taking over any part of government that doesn't meet his requirements as Forbes is calling it marshall law. I think any hands of injust government at this point needs a hard readjustment themselves. We also read that Texas school boards are hoarding gold as a means of currency. Does this mean they are going to get prosecuted also for using Gold as an alternative currency?
Here's a funny one, our good pal Joe Weisenthal reported that an analyst from Bank of America says the unthinkable is happening with an intentional default on US debt. Well Joe, I think we have been saying this oh, for months! There is no way they can reverse this without a gold and silver standard of untouchable price readjustments in the PM markets.
Then the biggest news was coming from the S&P in a possible down-grade in the U.S. dollars credit rating. This is just what the people of Greece and Ireland have already been feeling for months. On that note we are continuing our Hot Spot film tour which will put us in Athens, Greece on April 28th. We'll be doing a live presentation at 8pm @ Avalon Bar & Restaurant . Attend if you can make it. So as I leave you here, I leave you with further predictions into the forthcoming future. As ZeroHedge said this past week, expect to see extreme food shortages in the upcoming future, this is obvious. $50 silver is in the bag, time to proceed on the next level of $100. We should be able to reach that target by September at this rate as we conitue to wake up the sheeple. As always, keep your chin up, keep your eyes on the prize and stop by to visit me at www.MaxKeiser.com, I'll be there all week.
- Max Keiser