Thursday, 28 April 2011

“We are sure the monster is stronger than the creator now. The [SLA's] grass roots movement into Silver has contributed greatly to this. It is a form of proletariat uprising if you will.”

The SLA saw this coming a couple of years ago. And then, on the Alex Jones show on 11/11/10, we made our move and blew this thing wide open with “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver.” The timing was calculated to crush the naked shorts at year end. Your response, buying physical silver, has completely overrun the professional market manipulators who are left with only one strategy, the “Martingale Bet” of continually doubling down (using free money from the Fed). As I predicted here, JP Morgan would do this and this is exactly what they are doing, while failing to disclose the growing cancerous Enron-like debt on their balance sheet – hoping that they never have to – that their criminal activities will pass unnoticed in a silver price drop to bail out their shorts. It’s not going to happen. JPM’s stock – with their 2 trillion dollar balance sheet of crap – is worth exactly zero. $500 silver is yours if you want it. Every oz. taken off the market puts 20 oz’s or more of liability on JP Morgan’s balance sheet. And with the price of silver now trading above JPM’s stock price, that negative leveraging killing their balance sheet grows exponentially. Ben Bernanke will keep printing – whatever he calls it – QE this or that doesn’t matter – the outcome is the same – more printing – more debt – more printing – dollar collapsing. The SLA has the banksters cornered as we knew we would. Whoever gets in the way with equivocating BS about technical crap will get blown away with our collective buying pressure. 

- Stacy Herbert, of Max