Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Taste of Cheap Silver

Hi All. I want to thank Max for asking me to become a guest to the MK blog as I share my first post on the progress of the S.L.A.

I had the big assignment handed to me to find the best priced recognized silver available for S.L.A. members only for immediate delivery. This morning we emailed all official S.L.A. members their first taste of cheap silver. There is only a limit of 1000 available but we have put into action some bulk buying pricing which we should have results on by tomorrow.

The Silver Liberation Army’s official recruitment program is kicking some serious butt as we are starting to soar in numbers. The power of our movement will be heard loudly around the World and we are only getting stronger by the day.

Together we will be able to expect bulk buying power of our choice in weapons against the global tyrants, SILVER!

We are strong and we appreciate all efforts put forth by the S.L.A.

Help spread the word to join the official S.L.A. at
Together we are one very loud voice!