Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Breaking Away from the Dollar System

The fiat dollar is under heavy attack from both China and Russia. A long term plan has been set in motion to displace "King Dollar" as the fiat reserve currency of the world, will it be able to withstand the assault it is under?

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Nomi Prins: Central Banks Are Going to Destroy the World

Nomi Prins breaks down how the FED and other Central Banksters around the world have infiltrated and taken over our governments around the world. Ultimately, they are going to be our undoing, unless we rise up and stop them.

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Yesterday A Move Was Made To Collapse The Economy, It Was Just Blocked by Trump

The retail crisis continues, more stores are declaring bankruptcy and closing down thousands of stores. Existing home sales and new home sales reverse course and decline rapidly. 

Steve Mnuchin made a move to collapse the economy, Trump blocked his attempt. A perfect storm is headed our way and there is now way out of it. The government know this the central banks know this and when it hits its going to be horrific. 

Countries are preparing to detach themselves from the dollar and move into other types of currencies, the yuan and controlled cryptocurrencies. The entire economic system is ripping itself apart, we are at the end game.

- Source, X22 Report

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Chris Martenson: The Rising Oil Price Will Pop This Bubble

What is going to cause this financial bubble to pop? Economic researcher and futurist Chris Martenson says, “The price of oil is likely going to be the pin that pricks these bubbles. No central banker is going to do it. They are deathly afraid of these markets they have created.

They are afraid of a downturn in the markets, and they won’t willingly go there. What could force that is the price of oil. The higher price of oil is going to really harm some weak players out there.

The chain reaction always starts with somebody not being able to pay their debt back.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Friday, 26 January 2018

Get Off the Sidelines: The Second American Revolution is Upon Us

I got a really crappy email from someone I have supported in the past because he thinks President Donald Trump is just playing his role in the grand globalist scheme. I'm tired of the pessimists who have no skin in the game. 

Those of us who are part of the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION have all our chips in the Constitutional basket - and anyone who thinks we're not far better off with President Trump in the White House is either delusional, or... worse. Oh, and by the way, according to Q, Obama lawyered up today. 

None of this would be happening if the wicked witch was in the White House.

- Source, SGT Report

Thursday, 25 January 2018

How The Worm Turns: Mueller Obstruction Probe Said To Be Wrapping Up Much Faster Than Anticipated

President Donald Trump said last night that he's "looking forward" to testifying under oath some time during the next two or three weeks. Well, according to Bloomberg he may just get his wish even as Republicans have so far failed in their push to convince the Justice Department to appoint a second special prosecutor to investigate the FBI.

The fact that Mueller is pushing to interview Trump - and, as reports from the New York Times and NBC have revealed this week, has recently interviewed several of Trump's most-senior staffers - suggests the special counsel's investigation into possible collusion between Trump and Russia - an investigation that has since pivoted to focus on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice, as well as the financial improprieties of his associates - appears to be inching toward its conclusion much faster than anticipated, Bloomberg reports.

“Clearly the names that are coming out now indicate that we’re into the obstruction of justice side of it,” said Stanley Twardy, a former U.S. attorney for Connecticut who’s now a white-collar criminal defense lawyer at the law firm Day Pitney LLP. “He’s now getting people who are closest to the president, closest to the issues.”

Indeed, Jeff Sessions, Dan Coates, Mike Pompeo and Don McGahn have all testified - and Steven Bannon is expected to meet with Mueller's team later this month. According to legal experts, this suggests that the investigation is nearing its conclusion.

Michael Weinstein, a former Justice Department trial attorney who’s now a white-collar defense lawyer with Cole Schotz P.C. told Bloomberg that "Traditionally when you are interviewing people at that level you are doing so at the end of the investigation," Weinstein said. “They have already established what they think are the facts and are now looking to see if these individuals are going to provide consistency with those facts or possibly take a different view of what the special counsel has.”

“They will have a meeting to discuss what they have, whether the facts revealed a violation of the law and, if the answer is yes, does it justify bringing charges or a referral to Congress for a filing of some obstruction,” he said. “Unless something earth-shattering comes out, Mueller is likely already thinking through what his next step is, and that could take a couple weeks.”

Trump's lawyers argue that Trump, as the president, reserves the right to fire his FBI director at will and was simply executing his constitutional authority. Trump has insisted that there was "no collusion," and "no obstruction."

But even if evidence supports an obstruction charge (setting aside, for a moment, the fact that Comey testified to Congress that he didn't believe the president's actions amounted to obstruction) legal experts claim that Mueller wouldn't try to set a legal precedent at the expense of a sitting president, and that the bigger risk for Trump is perjuring himself during the interview - assuming he follows through with it, that is.

“I don’t think Mr. Mueller would ever try to make legal precedent at the expense of a sitting president in the context of an obstruction of justice charge,” Twardy said. He said the biggest concern for Trump in an interview is probably the risk of committing perjury, as Mueller will cross-check his comments and recollection against the testimony and evidence he’s obtained from Coats, Comey, Flynn, Sessions and others."

Instead of pursuing criminal charges, Bloomberg reports that Mueller will likely refer his findings to the Republican-controlled Congress.

Meanwhile, the leaders of several Congressional investigations into campaign-era abuses on both sides have joined together to hold the FBI accountable for what appears to be an egregious abuse of power. Documents turned over by the bureau have revealed that agents favored Hillary Clinton over Trump.

They're also examining the role partisanship may have played in excusing former Trump rival Hillary Clinton: Former FBI Director James Comey was accused of drafting the letter excusing Clinton before she was even interviewed. And when she was interviewed, she wasn't sworn in.

Some Republicans have defended Mueller while still trying to hold the DOJ accountable.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has also pursued bias allegations against the FBI over its handling of the Clinton and Trump probes, but he has defended Mueller’s investigation.

“I expect Mueller to do his job,” Grassley said Wednesday. “His job is to do the investigation” and go where the facts take him.

But others, including Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes - the Republican Congressman who's so far spearheaded the party's push to expose corruption at the FBI and DOJ - have questioned Mueller's impartiality. And with the first details from the infamous FISA memo showing that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Comey and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe were each involved in Obama-era abuses, the Republican response to Mueller is just beginning to percolate, and could well be setting the stage for Trump's eventual termination of Mueller.

- Source, Zero Hedge

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Left Coast Dilemma: Why California Ranks Number One In Poverty

Government creates nothing, but it does destroy. The Left Coast is famous for its reverence for government interference into all aspects of life. The results should surprise no one. California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Why? What’s the way out? And what are the chances that Californians will choose the way out?

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ron Paul: Is Russia Lying About Russiagate?

With news that the FBI "lost" months of text messages between Russiagate investigators that may have proven embarrassing, or worse to the Bureau, even Washington is starting to ask what is really going on with accusations of Russian meddling. Was the whole thing cooked-up by the "never Trump" deep state?

- Source, Ron Paul

Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Economic and Market Consequences of Rising Interest Rates

Danielle DiMartino Booth, founder of Money Strong, LLC and advisor to Richard Fisher, and talks about how rising interest rates could impact the economy.

- Source, Jay Taylor Media

Friday, 19 January 2018

Gregory Mannarino: Deficits and Debt Will Explode Higher

Analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino says, “The deficits and debt are going to explode higher. World central banks are going to inflate. They are going to kill their currencies. This is why you have been seeing the rise in crypto currencies. 

Everywhere you want to look, the arrows are pointing towards inflation. Be your own central bank, and bet against the debt and own real stuff.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

China is Now Dumping US Treasuries: This Changes Everything

China has begun to liquidate US Treasuries en masse. Liro Gantz breaks down how this is going to completely change the markets as we know them and explains how this could potentially upset the markets entirely. 

Massive changes are coming, prepare yourself.

- Video Source, The Daily Coin

Monday, 15 January 2018

Control The Currency, Manipulate The Economy Then Collapse The Economy

Retail numbers miss in December. The retail market is imploding on itself and if we go back to last year retail has not improved. We will see more stores closing. Savings are down and revolving credit is up, the American people are tapped out. Housing is declining quickly, Wells mortgage business is going down the drain. Neiman Marcus is on track towards bankruptcy. The central bank makes their move to take control the crypto market.

- Source, X22 Report

Friday, 12 January 2018

He Who Controls The Creation Of Currency Controls The World

The central banks and banks are threaten by the cryptocurrency market, they are in the process of controlling the creation of currency. China is now pushing their RMB for cross boarder use. There is a new report that will be released and a special counsel might be created to go after those involved in the uranium one deal, fusion gps, Clinton foundation etc. A new video surfaced showing a US jet and a Russian jet very close together. Trump says he will speak to North Korea. 

Libya is inviting Russia in to help with peace negotiations. Iran says those involved with the riots are arrested and the protests are finished. Free Syrian Army spokesman are in Washington to speak to officials, the question is which officials. There is a new report that says the Cabal is getting ready to recognize the Kurdish territory in Syria without the permission of Syria. The CDC is pushing the idea that the US will be attacked by a nuclear weapon.

- Source, X22 Report

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Cryptocurrencies: A Revolution, Or a Banking Elites Setup?

Bix Weir breaks down the recently seen price action in the Cryptocurrency space and takes about the positive and negatives of it.

Are we looking at a massive revolution against the establishment, or is this all just a massive setup?

- Source, Bix Weir via SD Bullion

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Lior Gantz: 2018 is Setting Up for a Major Metals Comeback

With the Federal Reserve pivoting to a tightening policy and stock markets topping, multiple factors may be setting up 2018 to exceed the 2016 bull run up in precious metals - PLUS another non-precious metal appears posed to outperform even gold and silver this year! 

In this exclusive three-person international panel discussion of economic and financial pressures, Lior Gantz, investor and founder of Wealth Research Group, joins Reluctant Preppers founder Dunagun Kaiser and’s founder Elijah Johnson, for a rare panel discussion that tackles cryptos, current economic risks and opportunities, and metals’ exciting prospects for 2018!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


With signals pointing to gold set-up for a strong year in 2018, propelled by fed tightening and large investment capital rotation out of topping stocks into precious metals, will demand for physical gold outpace it's comparatively inelastic supply, DRIVING GOLD PRICES EVEN HIGHER? And have we PASSED PEAK GOLD production globally, or will rising gold prices enable major increases in supply to be quickly brought online? 

What are the real constraints to gold exploration, development, and production, from an industry insider's perspective? Fiore Gold CEO and President Tim Warman visits Reluctant Preppers as a professional geologist with over 25 years of experience in all phases of mineral exploration, from grassroots exploration to feasibility and development. 

He has held board or senior leadership roles with some of the most successful exploration and development companies of the past decade, which have together discovered over 30 million ounces of gold. Mr. Warman is a director of Continental Gold Inc. He was president of Dalradian Resources, which is developing the Curraghinalt gold project in Northern Ireland, from 2012 to 2015. Previously, Mr. Warman was vice-president, corporate development, of Aurelian Resources Inc.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Global Central Bank Tightening Will Cause Extreme Volatility in 2018

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group and Editor of The Boock Report newsletter, Peter Boockvar. 

Jason asks Peter about many macro topics including: central bank tightening, a flattening yield curve, the US Dollar, Bitcoin, the commodities rally, a stock market crash, what worries him the most about markets or the global economy and President Trump.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Commodities Bull Market is Set to Roar Back in 2018

All indicators point to a return of the commodities bull market. Gold, silver, oil, you name it. They are all set to move higher, much higher.

Michael Oliver explains why he is bullish on commodities including precious metals and especially agricultural commodities in the new year.

- Source, Jay Taylor Media

Friday, 5 January 2018

Ron Paul: Will Gold Shine When The QE Bubble Bursts?

Governments and Central Bankers have been scheming for centuries to get away from gold as money. Gold limits big government, and they want no limits to their warfare and welfare financing. Ultimately though, they're going reach into their hat to find that there are no rabbits left. Is the current QE bubble their final act?

- Source, Ron Paul

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

How to Survive the Everything Bubble, Plus Prosper

With unprecedented policies from the Fed and global central banks distorting markets, misallocating capital, and inflating BUBBLES EVERYWHERE (fiat currencies, sovereign debts, bonds, stocks, real estate, and crypto-currencies), what are the REAL RISKS that ordinary families are facing, and what can we realistically do to survive & thrive in this dystopic and upside down world? 

Jerry Robinson, economist, veteran trend-trading coach, and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to issue his seasoned perspective on what specific risks we need to watch out for. Robinson recaps his 5 Levels of Financial Freedom, and what current opportunities and priorities we need to pay attention to now!