Friday, 15 April 2011

Crude Back To Pre-Goldman Downgrade(s) Level

Goldman Sachs predictions are notoriously wrong. Just check their past history. It is disgraceful that people still listen to them. I follow the ZeroHedge investment Policy. Do the opposite of what Goldman Sachs says.

"For those curious what the half of life of not one, not two, but three consecutive Goldman crude downgrades is these days, the answer is - three days. It finally appears that the broader public is well-aware of just how business is done at 200 West. To all those who sold despite our warning that this is merely a shake out of the trembling hands, better luck next time. On the other hand, the squid, unlikely to accept defeat at buying crude at lower prices courtesy of panic sellers, will most certainly continue its onslaught against those who refuse to part with actually valuable assets and proceed with converting commodities into an infinitely dilutable and totally worthless combination of 75% cotton/25% linen."

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