Friday, 23 September 2011

Sprott Money - We have run OUT of SILVER!

“We have completely run out of physical silver, so we are temporarily out of stock. You have to remember, Eric, that like Dubai, we only sell product that is on our shelves, that we have in stock. We do expect a shipment later today, which will allow us to restock and give us more product to sell.

Our clients are very savvy, sophisticated and when a price drop of this magnitude occurs, they step in and buy very aggressively. Right now there is dramatically increased volume what we are seeing is buying across all spectrums in terms of the size of the orders.

To clarify, we may have some client buying a single tube of silver maples, while at the same time, another client is buying $5 million of 100 ounce silver bars or gold maple leafs. The bottom line here is the drawdown in price is creating a tremendous amount of demand.”

- Larisa Sprott, via a King World News Interview