Sunday, 12 August 2012

Soon to Join the SLA with a New Vault Service Sprott, Turk and Maloney

"Silver (and Gold) soldiers of the SLA… We are in the home stretch of launching a new bullion vaulting service ($500,000 min.) that will – along with Sprott, Turk and Maloney – put additional pressure on the banksters – by taking hundreds of millions worth of physical off the market. Even if you can’t participate at the $500,000 level, the new buyer in the space will put additional pressure on already tight supplies. So far, over the past 10 years, the fight against the banksters – by buying physical silver and gold – has run according to the script I wrote for this ten years ago (with prices of both Silver and Gold (and oil) capturing prizes as top performing assets for the past decade). Now it’s time to deliver Maxwell’s Silver Hammer blow!"

- Source: Max Keiser, via