Friday, 2 November 2012

Jim Rogers is Shorting US Bonds Again

"During the height of the financial crisis, there was a fantastic little exchange between famed investor Hugh Hendry and financial journalist Liam Halligan. In the exchange, which occurred on CNBC, Hugh Hendry laid out, quite clearly, his reasoning for a debt deflation, and why he was confident that QE would not work. Liam Halligan, on the other hand, found it impossible to understand how deflation could occur with such huge increases in base money. Hendry's was a bold call, and it proved correct, but it required an understanding of monetary mechanics that seemed outside the reach of most commentators and pundits at the time.

We play this clip for Jim Rogers, and ask him if he too, has been surprised by the lack of any sever inflation, and the continued pressure on bank balance sheets. We ask him about his "inflationary holocaust" call, and how he feels this is, and will play out. Jim Rogers reveals that he has returned to shorting the US Treasury market."

- Source, RT News, Capital Account: