Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Visual History of Gold - The King Of Metals

Another great image has been released by Visual Capitalist and was recently posted on Zero Hedge. If you want to learn the quick and dirty of gold's history than this info graphic is great for you. It is also an amazing image to share with friends and family when trying to explain gold's deep, rich history.

"With Gold inching back up towards the $1700 mark once again following yet another central bank's promise to flush the world with fiat currency, we thought some reflection on the history of Gold was useful. From its rareness and malleability to its multi-millenial nature as a store of wealth, Visual Capitalist's infographic takes us from the Egyptians to the Chinese and on through the US Gold Rush to the current 'vaults' of gold being questioned currently."

Click the image for the full size huge image

- Source, Zero Hedge and Visual Capitalist: