Monday, 2 September 2013

John Embry - Massive Surge in the Price of Gold

“Gold is going materially higher over the next 12 months, and the price will most likely explode higher in the next 5 months. I think the West, including the BIS, is running out of ammunition (physical gold) to cap the market, and the fact that they continue to do this just reveals how truly desperate the situation has become for the West. 
All of this frenzied activity on the part of the West is clearly an indication to me that there are enormous problems in the system. Western central planners know that a massive surge in the price of gold would reveal the true nature of the rot that is taking place in the financial system. So they are now clearly fighting a losing battle in the gold market, and this will be seen as just another delaying action over time as they ultimately retreat in defeat.”

- Source, John Embry via King World News, read the full article here: