Tuesday, 29 October 2013

No Wonder the West is Collapsing

All of this paper manipulation has just been a short-term desperation move on the part of the West. Obviously we've seen interventions in the foreign exchange gold market, which is complimented by activity on the Comex. And basically what is being done by the Fed is a defence of the US dollar.
It simply results in physical gold flowing out from West to East at an enormous rate. Unfortunately, that is the self-destructive move that continues to take place as the West destroys itself. And when you look at China, who thinks in 500-year or 1,000-year time frames vs the West which thinks in one-week and one-day time frames, crisis-to-crisis terms, no wonder the West is collapsing.

- Source, Andrew Maguire via King World News, read the full article here: