Saturday, 4 January 2014

China Accumulates Gold for "The World Dream"

During the span of the 100 years in which the gold standard was established, the world economy was quite stable- there was no inflation, and wealth distribution was very fair. Every country who participated benefited a great deal from it.

The world financial crisis in 2008 is the worst financial crisis in history. We haven’t yet found an alternative to gold, which can play a better, stabilizing role under these circumstances. We have been trying- for example, we found this thing called SDRs, but SDRs have their limitations. It’s impossible for SDRs to play the same stabilizing effect as gold.

President Xi has proposed the Chinese dream. In the process of chasing a “World Dream” through the pursuit of gold, we aspire to seek peaceful development in the world. In this process, we still haven’t found a stability factor which is inherent in the system. Since gold had played a stable role in the process of human development, we will put focus on it. We think gold will continue to draw much attention from the whole world. - Zu He Liang

- Source, The Silver Doctors: