Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Reason # 3 The Silver Noose is Tightening: A Perfect Storm for Mining

A Perfect Storm for Mining

While it may seem to some that mines might be able to continue producing the amount of silver they’ve been accustomed to producing well into the future, the truth is that these mines, especially primary silver mines, are starting to hit the silver wall of reality.

With the costs of petroleum and diesel soaring, ore grades plunging, and the price for their product free-falling, there’s a perfect, catastrophic storm brewing in the mining sector.
The banksters’ precious silver supply, despite all their efforts, is stagnant, and actually decreasing. They’re moving heaven (and twice as much earth) just to sustain this inadequate supply just.a.little.bit.longer.

The moment the metal stops, or even slows its flow in any reasonable quantity, is the moment the scheme comes crashing down. That’s a problem too, because the evidence is mounting that we are headed into a “peak silver” scenario.

It gets worse for our bankster friends massively short silver, much worse…

- Source, The Wealth Watchman, via The Silver Doctors