Thursday, 7 November 2013

Battle Between Andrew Maguire and Jeff Christian

Jeff Christian accused famed precious metals trader and expert Andrew Maguire of being a fraud at the recent Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington. This accusation has prompted a FLOOD of backlash towards Jeff Christian within the precious metals community (although he was recently thanked for once again inadvertently confirming that the gold and silver markets are indeed manipulated). These accusations have also caused much angst for Andrew Maguire as the mainstream media ran with the accusations, adding further fuel to the fire.

As you would expect, this story is far from over. Jeff Christian and Andrew Maguire continue their passive aggressive battle against each other. Both have come out with further comments about these accusations. Andrew Maguire has released an official letter that was posted by Turd Ferguson on his website TFMetalsReport...

- Source, The Sprott Money Blog, read the full article here: