Saturday, 9 November 2013

Gold and Silver Will Truly be Set Free

Long have those in the precious metals community believed that Western central banks have been secretly releasing their gold reserves into the marketplace to satisfy the growing demand for precious metals and therefore keeping prices artificially low. This acknowledgement by the central bank of Finland proves that at least one Western central bank is engaging in this nefarious activity. The gold holdings of Fort Knox have also been called into question by many notable sources. These holdings are likely to have been leased out in a similar way. Hopefully, Rand Paul’s attempt to audit the FED will succeed and the truth will finally be known.

How much longer can Western central banks continue to supply gold in this way? Eventually the music will stop, the chairs will be taken, and the gold of the West will be sitting in the vaults of Russia, India and China. At that point, the fiat ponzi game will be over. At that point, the price of gold and silver will truly be set free.

- Source, The Sprott Money Blog, read the full article here: