Monday, 2 June 2014

The Top Ten Reasons to Buy and Own Silver

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Silver

10. As I briefly explained above, the providers of "money" in this day and age have no respect for economics and instead print money out of thin air -expecting positive results -, but instead diminish the value of the dollar.

9. Silver has many uses outside of you storing it in your bunker...the techonology and medical industry require silver. Just a couple examples of how it's in demand.

8. When everyone is rooting against something, that's usually a sure sign that you need to be researching it. Many financial writers are singing of silver's decline, however demand has never been higher! Didn't your mother always tell you, "If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you too?"

7. David Morgan recently shared in an interview on our Youtube Channel - "not everyone can have silver!" There just isn't enough in the world, thus you need to get your hands on some before it's all gone.

6. Silver jewelry and silverware have been on the up and up. People want silver!

5. Silver has been used around the world as money for thousands of years. It's become a common denominator for exchange. If presented with silver or a piece of paper, I'm sure most would choose the shiny.

4. It's an affordable purchase for lower budget savings. If you are placing a weekly amount of your income into silver or gold every week you will be able to afford more silver and spend less on premiums. Spending $50-100 on gold every week will eat into your savings because small denominations of gold carry a heavier premium. However, $50 of silver does not.

3. It's pretty. Seriously...have you seen some of the rounds that are available these days. Downright gorgeous and a great idea for a gift.

2. Silver has retained its value. Dimes, quarters and other US minted coins in circulation used to be made from 90% silver (pre-1965).

1. The world is demanding silver. Look outside of the US speculations and US markets...foreign markets point straight to silver (and gold). China and India being some of the main countries to observe. It's always important to remember that although the US' economy plays a significant role in the global economy, emerging markets should always be considered when gathering your financial news. The US is digging itself into a deep hole by infinitely printing money, and new leaders will emerge.

- Source, Amagi Metals