Tuesday, 10 June 2014

War Greatest Risk, Not Global Financial Collapse

In her latest report, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says, “The greatest risk is not global financial collapse. Our greatest risk is war.” Ms. Fitts explains, “I am talking about war in many different venues. What we’ve seen in a place like Ukraine is very much defined by what’s called “soft weapons.” So, we are watching war through the information systems and cyber hacking. We’ve got Edward Snowden warning us about everything that can go on through the digital systems, and then we’ve got boots on the ground. We’ve got the President now saying he’s pulling boots on the ground. It’s just like the Roman Empire pulled the army back and left the church in place. The American empire is going to pull the boots on the ground back and leave the drones in place.”

Fitts correctly predicted that there would be no financial collapse in 2013. She characterizes what is going on in the global economy as a “slow burn.” Fitts contends, “The dominant economic scenario that I think that has been going on for quite some time is what I call the ‘slow burn.’ The ‘slow burn’ is a process where our incomes fall steadily and our expenses rise steadily. That is what is squeezing the middle class in the developed world. So, you have this squeeze going on, and every time the ‘slow burn’ starts to accelerate, the pressure to get more natural resources cheap or reduce the lifestyle of the population increases. So, every time we see the real pressure and ‘slow burn’ accelerate, you see more warfare. So, you see the landing in Libya, or landing in Afghanistan, or landing in Iraq because you’ve got effort by the empire to source global natural resources at very cheap prices and to maintain the reserve currency. So, to me, if we start to see an acceleration of the ‘slow burn’ and things start to unravel, I don’t think you are going to see prices make the adjustment made in the market. I think you are going to see the adjustment made with force.”

That brings us to war, but it may be covert instead of overt. Fitts explains, “If you look at the kind of wars going on around the planet, I would say the covert war is much more intense and much more common than the overt war. Overt wars are much more expensive in terms of politics, brand and money. So, if these things can be done covertly, they will be.” Fitts goes on to say, “If you see the ‘slow burn’ speed up, or the fall in the dollar speed up too much, then you are going to get more and more aggressive force.”

On the recent negative 1% GDP growth in the first quarter, Fitts says, “The economy clearly contracted in the first quarter. Part of what you’re seeing is enormous automation going on in the economy globally, and you have a very large number of people either losing employment or they are losing income. They are employed, but their incomes are falling. That’s beginning to spiral back around back into the economy. The sectors dependent on the middle class are really hurting; and, of course, I think that is going to get worse.”

So, how do middle class people fight back and cope with the evolving economy? Fitts says, “I would say the economy is extraordinarily divergent. One part of the economy is strong, and the other part is literally collapsing in slow motion. I think the critical question for every person and every family is if I am over in the one that is dying, then how do I get over and shift into the one that’s being born?” Fitts goes on to say, “The first thing you have to do is to completely reinvent how you think about education and learning. One of the great revolutions is with education, and it is happening globally. . . . You and I grew up in a time where the idea was you went to school and you went to college. You learned something, and you went out and did it. It’s not like that anymore. You have to keep learning every day. You have to acquire new skills. . . . The second thing is . . . suddenly, you can make a lot more money doing things yourself. I now do things it would not have occurred to me to do for myself before. It’s much more economic and . . . you dramatically lower your revenues, but you dramatically lower your expenses. Your quality of life goes up.” Becoming more health conscious is another point Fitts says you need to do in the brave new global economy. Fitts explains, “The message from traditional health care policies in this country is you all are on you own. We all need to invest in staying healthy. We all need to take charge of our health. We all need to learn how to be our own doctor, and that starts with eating fresh food and doing all the things you need to do to build up your health.”

On the November mid-term elections, Fitts says, “I think Harry Reid thinks they will lose the House and Senate. I think they will lose the whole ball of wax.”

Fitts says a new economy is emerging in the U.S. that she calls the 3.0 economy. Fitts contends, “Look at the 3.0 economy in the United States. There is a group of people managing that economy who just successfully stole $40 trillion from the American people and the rest of the globe. They say we are going to re-engineer the economy, but before we do, we are going to pull every dime out of it. They are sitting on $340 trillion plus what they had before, and that is enough money to run a global government on a private basis. You are watching a mass privatization.”

On global financial trouble spots, Fitts, a former Wall Street investment banker, says, “To me, the number one risk economically is China. If you look at who has real serious domestic problems and political problems–it’s China. The really scary part of the global economy is if we really see China spiral down, then we could see the rest of the world spiral down. That would be my big concern, not the U.S. or the dollar.”

On gold, Fitts predicts, “It’s weak right now, it hasn’t found its bottom. If we don’t find a bottom soon, we could see a really big drop... Long term, it’s going to be healthy for gold and silver.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

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