Sunday, 1 May 2011

Japans Public Debt Level to Raise 5.8% Next Year - Resulting in 1 Quadrillion of Debt!

Wow, this is absolutely mind blowing. As Japan ramps up there Hyperinflation geared printing presses, to pay for the devastation of the recent disasters there. News comes out that the government of Japan foresees a 5.8% increase in Public funded debt next year. This will place them at roughly 1000 Trillion USD of debt, or rather 1 Quadrillion!

How a sane person can still look at paper money as a safe store of value, is beyond me. You must own and be in hard asset for this coming decade. The obvious choices are Gold and Silver, but if you are still in denial about the virtues of those two assets, then just buy some form of commodity. I know one thing, they aren't going to magically mine 1 Quadrillion gold bars overnight...

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