Monday, 9 May 2011

Sprott Launches Physical Silver Mutual Fund, Will Likely Soak Up Much Marginal Silver Inventory

And another major source of physical demand in the already very undersupplied silver market appears. Just released from Sprott Asset Management, who recently added to the perfect storm in silver by cashing out on the record PSLV premium and converting proceeds to miner stocks: "The Sprott Silver Bullion Fund is an innovative offering, being the first mutual fund in Canada to invest primarily in unencumbered, fully allocated silver bullion. The Fund's objective is to seek to provide a secure and liquid investment for investors seeking exposure to silver bullion without the inconvenience associated with direct investment." We can't wait to discover how many tons of silver this mutual fund will soak up imminently, and where the always exciting adventure of "COMEX registered silver" takes us next...

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