Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Dead, Sell All Your Gold! Wait I said Sell, not "BUY MORE"

Well it seems as if the news of Bin Ladens death isn't going as the US Government planned. This news was supposed to rally the USD, showing how strong the US still is. This news was supposed to therefore crush the commodities rally.

Well as you can see below, that lasted for all of 12 hours. Silver has almost regained all of its lost ground, and is on track to close positive. Gold is on a massive tear, up $17.60 at the moment!

I guess gold and silver just have a short memory span. That or as I stated, OSAMA's DEATH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CURRENT WORLD ECONOMIC WOES! The market is not stupid and knows this.

P.S:  See if you can find the hidden message in the title, if you can't you should go to your closet and hide in shame.