Saturday, 9 April 2011

Words from a great one, one of the original Silver Vigilantes, John Embry

A couple comments from a true Silver Vigilante, John Embry:

When asked about silver specifically Embry remarked, 

“Well people still don’t get it, I see negative comments constantly, bubbles, you know the thing is extended, it’s going to get killed.  Basically the supply demand for physical silver is so heavily in favor of higher prices that if it weren’t for the paper market, silver would probably be through $50 now. 

You see the transactions on eBay for silver eagles, people are paying up to $50 or more per ounce for silver eagles on eBay.  In reality this might be the real price for silver instead of this price that’s being manufactured on the Comex with all of the short selling that we’ve discussed.  I think $50 on the official market, the Comex market, is probably coming up reasonably shortly.”

Listen to John's latest full interview by visiting the link below: