Sunday, 10 April 2011

Two Infaltion Articles, Even if the writers don't Realize it.

Read these two news articles and then think about why they are happening. I think the common factor will be Inflation. A true SLA warrior already knows this is here. But does the world? That is your job to warn your friends and family. The ones you love.

Article 1:

A representative of a firm manufacturing light bulbs went to the Guangxi region of China and offered workers wages of 1,600 RMB ($245) per month. He was expecting to hire 500 people at that price. Only 10 accepted jobs 

Article 2:

China Posts rare trade deficit - post first quarterly shortfall since 2004 as commodity prices boost the cost of imports.

Its here, rather than fear it. Adapt and protect yourself as you have been, by buying Silver.