Sunday, 10 April 2011

Attention SLA: Dublin – Max Keiser will be appearing this Wednesday, 4/13 with the, “F*** JP Morgan Silver Liberation Army Tour”

New update from MAX about the SLA tour:

UPDATE: this is this venue, we will let you know what time when we get that sorted.
UPDATE: Whichever locale we pick – if someone can bring a small amplifier and a microphone (if the place does not have any sound system) that would be nice. I am not saying whether I’ll be packing any Silver Keisers as you lot in Ireland are desperate and I don’t want to get mugged.

I need a suitable venue. Is there a pub in Dublin with an extra room I can use to organize an SLA event? The cost will be an optional 5 Euros. No tickets. Just show up and throw a fiver in the hat if you feel like it. Leave suggestions in the comments section about where might be a good spot for this. As part of this event I will perform a genuine miracle in front of a live audience!