Sunday, 10 April 2011

Links to Purchase Silver, Below each Post

Please take notice that below each post there will be a link to purchase some form of Silver. The goal of this campaign is to Buy Silver and Crash JP Morgan. Therefore a link to purchase silver will be made available below each post. This is not my silver, I am not even selling any. As I am buying as much as possible. These are simply random links I find of Silver for sale.

I will always try to find Silver for sale that is as close to or under spot. As does happen from time to time on places like ebay and Amazon. The best places to find undervalued Silver, if you keep your eyes peeled and get it before someone else grabs it up.

Support the campaign, do your part as a member of the SLA, Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan!

1964 Kennedy "Silver" Half Dollar Below current spot, only $13.85!